What I Do


Psychotherapy is a funny word. It may bring up images of Sigmund Freud and a couch. To make things more complicated, there are probably hundreds of ways to practice psychotherapy with different techniques and theories hitting the market all the time.

Studies have shown that beyond all techniques, it is the relationship between therapist and client that provide the fertile ground for growth and healing. In this attentive, non-judgemental relationship, you can re-learn how to communicate, how to move through loss and change, how to drop old habits, and so much more.

I work with you from a place of curiosity, creativity and deep listening. In an environment of full acceptance, you will be surprised at how much you can transform. I create in-the-moment experiences to help you learn and grow in the course of a session. You will find out how to better use your mind and body to change ineffective old patterns. Life will become more ‘interesting’ than ‘difficult’. Therapy is a learning experience that can be enjoyable.

Life Coaching