“I have found Ms. Gilbert to be kind and patient. I appreciate noticing where I am restricted so I can identify it and move through it. Sometimes making changes are difficult, but they don’t happen without a little work. I am glad to have met her.”

– Christine E.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paula at Enlightened Talk and Touch and my experience was nothing short of amazing. She is truly a beautiful soul who guided me and grounded me to open myself up to the woman I have become today. By helping me with my self esteem challenges and giving me the tools to help love myself again, I have a life today that I could never have dreamed of. Of course life always presents obstacles but because of Paula, Ive learned how to go easy on myself and take things as they come one step at a time, keep breathing, use Tapping techniques, and meditation etc which helps tremendously when things get overwhelming for me. She is easy going, understanding, non judgemental and most of all truly cares for the people she works with. I was so grateful to have found her!!”

– Jacqueline M

“Paula is warm and has remarkable positive energy that she conveys when interacting and conversing with her. She is someone who I’ve trusted to be a listening ear and offers validation and direction when needed. It’s clear that Paula’s mission is to help develop your own skills that can assist you with bettering yourself and/or healing. Paula’s ability to demonstrate compassion and offer third person perspective has guided me through difficult circumstances and has given me the opportunity to take ownership of my own decisions. She is a lovely human being and offers a safe space to express yourself, free of judgement and expectation.”

– Gabby L.

“Ms. Gilbert is extremely proficient in her craft. Her knowledge of the mind and body helps her connect with her patients in new and different ways. She has given me tools to lead a calmer and more reflective life.”

– Heather D.

“My work with Paula has opened my eyes. She has been able to help me see through some issues that were very troubling for me. I highly recommend her for her unique approach, insight, compassion and helpful guidance.”

– Barry H.

“Paula is extremely professional and I have had nothing less than a great experience working with her. Highly recommended!”

– Alyssa

‘I have been consistently appreciative of Paula’s dexterity with multiple modalities! She is a very gifted therapist! She has a wonderful way of discerning underlying issues and identifying the best way to approach them to offer insight and provide the space for deep reflection and healing. Her sense of humor and her kindness are a wonderful gift. Having moved out of the area, I will very much miss the work that we did together and the progress that I made from it.”

– Kristina Hansen

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