Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

You wake up bleary eyed and stumble to the bathroom.  You hear your household awakening, the sounds of your neighborhood.  A movie preview of your morning plays on the screen of your mind.  You sense disappointment or even dread in the pit of your stomach.  The same old round of chores.  The same incomplete projects.  Your inner voice says you’ll never catch up, be accomplished enough, calm or together enough.

As women we can be very tough on ourselves.  The inner doubts persist, regardless of how much self-improvement or self-avoidance we do, evidenced by that pile of self-help books by the bed, or the shopping bags with purchases from yesterday you question today.  Often you are unable to feel or remember the accomplishments you’ve achieved up to now. Three steps forward, two steps back feels like the dance you’re doing.

We all need guidance to investigate our inner narrative. With curiosity and someday compassion, we can nurture and heal the wounded immature parts of ourselves that need to be released from the frozen past.  We can then fully inhabit the juicy present moment.

The truth is, the inner voices derailing our goals, dreams, and relationships are actually there to protect us.  And protect old wounded aspects of us from expressing the grief from cruelty, criticism, and neglect we have experienced.  They work hard to prevent us from risking further failures and humiliations.  With curiosity and respect for these often disliked but hard-working parts of ourselves, we can see our way through to the wounding that needs release.  We can love, heal and integrate all aspects of our human-ness. What would it be like to feel aware and free?  To feel good 97.9 percent of the time?

‘There’s no way out but through’ is a nugget of wisdom.  There are different paths to peace, happiness and inner freedom, but none without a guide who can gently challenge you to stay with inner discomfort and come out the other side.   I’m sure at least part of you feels it’s time for a change, to suffer less and enjoy more.  I would be delighted to partner with you on your path to growth and transformation.  One of my teachers Stephen Levine calls this work “the healing you took birth for.”  Your own evolution is the reason you’re here. You can wake up in the morning, stay grounded in yourself and feel like your day is ripe with possibility.  If this sounds like the future you desire, call or e-mail me for a consult.
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