Crossing the Bridge

Crossing the Bridge

You know something is not right.  You may have frustration with your career, a close relationship, your health, or body image.  You’re feeling edgy and easily agitated.  You’re not happy with yourself, and the gap between where you stand and where you want to be looks like a huge moat.  The good news is, with assistance, dissatisfaction can morph into inspiration, plans and action.  Whereas rumination, worry and beating yourself up take you nowhere but deeper into stagnation.

Once you hire a mental health professional to help you investigate your obstacles and resources,  you are well into the process of feeling better, of gaining momentum.  You have started crossing the bridge.  And if done well, the process of crossing over can be enlightening, enjoyable and filled with discovery.  There is really nothing more exhilarating than becoming the master of your own life.

I like to help you become aware of the subconscious decisions you’ve made at pivotal times in your life.  The patterns that spring from those decisions become increasingly restrictive as you live your life. When we’re not growing and changing, we’re stuck, sometimes way in the past.  This shows up as pain and current problems.  And just like pain in the physical body, emotional pain demands awareness and relief.  Once you become aware, you learn that you have options and the power of choice.  This is the beginning of growth and the healing process.  Crossing the bridge.  The rich context for this process is self-compassion.  Without it, change can occur but it won’t stick.  This quality of self-compassion is ignited and cultivated within an authentic therapeutic relationship.

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