Center Yourself

Center Yourself

What does this mean? In a lightning speed 5G world, centering is more vital than ever. Here are 2 simple techniques that you can use to easily shift into a focused and calm state of mind.

Sit with spine straight and feet flat on the floor. Place one hand at the base of your skull – approximately the same level as your earlobes- and cradle your upper neck. Take a deep breath in and out. Place your other hand over your heart – center of the chest and a bit to the left. Now sit and breathe slowly and deeply for several minutes in this position. Eyes closed may enhance your process. Tune inward and notice how you feel. Slowly return to a waking state.
Sit the same way as in technique 1, and focus all attention inward on your spine. An image may come to you. Perhaps you will feel the central axis of your body, or become very aware of your spine against your chair or sofa. You may repeat a word to yourself, such as ‘peace’, ‘surrender’, or ‘calm’. Breathe here for several minutes, and again, notice what’s happening for you, and come back into your waking day slowly, with respect.
Good Luck! I hope you find these techniques useful and life-changing!

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