Fall into Listening


Fall into Listening

There’s that crisp changed quality to the air right now. It’s almost not summer anymore. Everywhere you look in the New York area are signs of the life-death-life cycle – bursts of bloom and harvest in contrast to dying plants, the need for warmer clothing, students, teachers and workers trading in leisure time for tight schedules, mental focus, and perhaps...[ read more ]

Center Yourself

What does this mean? In a lightning speed 5G world, centering is more vital than ever. Here are 2 simple techniques that you can use to easily shift into a focused and calm state of mind. Sit with spine straight and feet flat on the floor. Place one hand at the base of your skull – approximately the same level...[ read more ]

I may never stop crying

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the words, “If I start to cry, I may never stop”, spoken in my office. People usually come into therapy with an idea, sometimes clear sometimes vague, of what is ‘wrong’, what needs to change or be eliminated completely.  This could be an unwanted behavior, feeling, physical ailment, or a difficulty...[ read more ]

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