What I Do



There are many forms of psychotherapy.  This is just a taste of  the way I practice, and certainly not a generic definition.  It is also much easier to experience than to describe.  The relationship itself, therapist and client, is a way to re-learn relationship and create new neural pathways.  Originally, ‘psyche’ meant spirit or soul.  The therapist is deeply present, attentive and non-judgmental toward the client.  The therapist is curious and open to what the client presents.  The therapist notices and mentions body language, breathing patterns, and word choices to help the client become aware of present experiencing, for example, is the client’s narrative congruent with the client’s body language?  The therapist may induce a natural hypnotic trance through tone of voice, pacing and eye contact.
The therapist suggests ‘experiments’, imaginative situations, so that the client can more deeply feel present behavior and experience new behavior.  The therapist asks pivotal questions and cultivates the client’s interest, curiosity, imagination and a new noticing of the many facets of him/herself.  The client feels fully seen and heard. Now self-acceptance and change are in motion.

Coaching is a directive process.  A client may come to coaching to get clarity regarding their purpose and goals, to work on a relationship, to learn what motivates them, to work through obstacles and to be accountable to another in working toward a goal.  Coaching helps you understand yourself better and increases your quality of life.  As a Strategic Intervention coach, I use inquiry, visualization, body awareness, questionnaires, and homework to motivate, propel, and inspire you to clarify and fulfill your dreams.

I work with you and your partner to learn more effective relating skills, and to interrupt the circular patterns that interfere with love and intimacy.  Often, we uncover childhood wounds that feed negative interactions.  You will receive education about what helps relationships thrive or fail, and you will be coached to practice new behaviors.  I feel it is more important than ever to empower relationships and to grow as a person through them.